About Animal Experts, Inc.

Are you hearing strange noises in the night or early morning? Our calls for service usually start with homeowners hearing scratching, gnawing, scurrying or thumping in their walls, ceiling or attic. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the foothills or in the heart of Tucson. We have captured raccoons, bobcats, ringtails, squirrels and rats all living in the crawl spaces of homes and businesses in and around Tucson and Pima County, and we have been doing it for over 20 years.

The capture of the wildlife is only part of our service. We also provide a complete property inspection to determine how the animal is getting onto the property and exclusion to prevent any other animals from taking up residence after we’re done. We can also assess your landscaping and advise you what could be done to minimize the wildlife attractions to your property.

Marc and Jeff were featured in National Geographic’s Series “Animal Extractors”. They have also been featured on CBS, NBC, ABC news affiliates. Tucson news channel 4 (KVOA) regularly features Animal Experts on “Early Show.”

Southern Arizona’s answer to all of your nuisance wildlife problems since 1991
If you are expecting the dirty backwoods trapper to show up in his coon skin cap smelling of various animals bodily fluids then you’ve called the wrong company.
At Animal Experts Inc. we are continuously expanding our knowledge, techniques and equipment for capturing and handling all of the wildlife that live in southern Arizona. The skills that we have developed over the past 24 years are very specific to the animals of the Sonoran desert. When we first opened Animal Experts back in 1991 we studied everything we could find on the various animals that live in southern Arizona. There was NO ONE in this area performing the service of capturing and relocating wild animals. Therefore all of the of information was regarding animals in other parts of the country. We became aware of one important fact, the animals that live in the Sonoran Desert have adapted to this area and do not behave the same as their counter parts in other areas. The Raccoons here behave totally different that Raccoons in Wisconsin, the Skunks we have here behave totally different than the Skunks that live in Virginia and the list goes on and on with virtually all of the wildlife.
We were in a meeting with some government officials recently for one of the local municipalities that we service when one of the directors paid us a compliment stating to the others in the meeting that the reason he contracts with Animal Experts is because they are continuously “thinking outside the box”. This is how we operate or business in that we never want to get in the habit of thinking our current way of doing things is the only way. We are always striving to learn more and to improve our skills.
We are continually looking for new tools and equipment to get the job done safely and efficiently, this includes a wide variety humane live catch traps and capture tools including tranquilizer guns, fiber optic scopes for looking inside walls and small spaces, along with motion detector cameras that we can set up for those situations where you might be hearing noises in the attic or seeing damage in the yard but can’t figure out what the creature is that is going bump in the night. Some of our equipment has been specifically designed for our particular needs after finding there was nothing available on the market that suited our unique needs

Animal Experts has been featured on National Geographic Channel’s Shows ANIMAL EXTRACTORS and WILD ANIMAL EVICTIONS. We have also been contracted with the National Geographic Channel for behind the camera in the capacity as animal handlers for other shows being filmed in our area . In addition Animal Experts Inc has been featured on CNN, Telemundo and virtually every local station in the Tucson area.
Animal Experts has been seen in numerous Tucson news paper features along with WOMAN’S DAY magazine. When you hire Animal Experts Inc. you get an internationally known company with Tucson roots.