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Snake!!!!! Not an uncommon scream to hear if you live in Southern Arizona and the Tucson area. We have several varieties of snakes in the Tucson area, Gopher snakes, Night snakes, Blind Snakes and on and on and on, but without a doubt the most common concern we hear when we get that phone call is it poisonous ????? We are very fortunate here in Southern Arizona when it comes to venomous snakes because the only venomous snakes we have to worry about are Rattlesnakes. This makes it a lot easier to tell if you have a dangerous snake or one that is just here to help with rodent control.
The most Common Rattlesnake we have here is the Western Diamondback Rattlesnake. Aside from the distinctive rattles we all know about the tail is marked with alternating black and white bands that are roughly equal in width just before the Rattles, but you don’t have to see the snakes rattles to tell if it’s a Rattlesnake. The head of a rattlesnake is also very distinctive, with it’s head being twice as large as it’s neck it gives the head a triangle appearance. These traits also apply to our “other Rattlesnakes”. This is the Mohave Rattlesnake sometimes referred to as a Green Mohave. The obvious difference in the two rattlesnakes is that the Mohave tends to be smaller than the Diamondback and when looking at the tail stripes I mentioned the black stripes on the Mohave Rattlesnakes tail are thinner giving it a black on white appearance. During certain stages in it’s shedding cycle it takes on a greenish hue to it’s coloring thus the Green Mohave nick name. Fortunately the Mohave Rattlesnake is not near as common as the Western Diamondback Rattlesnake. I say this because not only has it been my experience that the Mohave is much more aggressive than the Western Diamondback but they carry both a hemo toxin which attacks the flesh but also a neurotoxin which attacks the neurosystem causing paralysis So not only do they have bad attitude but they have the venom to back it up.
I know what you’re thinking, yes we do have Coral Snakes and for those who are wondering it’s “ Red to Black friend of Jack. Red to Yellow Kill a fellow.” The thing with Coral Snakes is first they are rare. I think we have had less than 10 Coral Snake calls in the 20 years we’ve been in business. With a maximum length of about 12 inches they are to small bite you on the leg even if they want to. They’re mouth just doesn’t open big enough to bite you except maybe for the skin between your fingers. So yes that basically means you have to be messing with it for it to bite you.
The main thing to keep in mind when it comes to rattlesnakes is to be aware of your surrounding and keep in mind that since rattlesnake are cold blooded animals they control their body temperature by seeking shade in the heat of our southern Arizona days. That means under bushes, groundcover landscaping and debris are prime spots to find them hanging out waiting for a meal to happen by.

Snake Prevention

We get lots of calls regarding rattlesnake prevention and repellants. That being said we have yet to find what we would call an effective snake repellant that I am comfortable recommending. The route we take when it comes to snake prevention is thru snake exclusion or snake proofing your yard and home. We will be happy to provide inspection and assessment of your property. We do this by inspecting the area and eliminating the snakes access to your living space, sealing around gates and gaps that allow them access.
Why do we keep getting snakes here?

The first step that needs to be addressed if at all possible is eliminating the snakes food source. A snake is basically an eating machine. Which means the only reason you have a snake problem is that you have a rodent problem. When I have a customer that doesn’t deal with the rodent issue I know Ill be back.
Animal experts is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week for snake service, with an average response time of 20 minutes anywhere in the Tucson valley.
Rattlesnake Aversion Training
Animal Experts provides safe animal handling for multiple training facilities here in Pima County including the Humane Society of Southern Arizona and Central Pet of Tucson and Amado, where you can have your dog trained to avoid rattlesnakes. This keeps not only your dog safe but you and your family as well. Contact us for upcoming locations.
Rules to Live by:
Always look under things before picking them up, and whenever possible, before stepping on or around them.
Look under things from a distance (use a tool or a stick to lift, then look).
Always use a flashlight when you are out at night.
Do not pick up a “dead” rattlesnake. It may not be dead, and even if it is, it may still bite (reflexively) and envenomate you
Don’t walk barefoot or in open-toed shoes in the desert.
Don’t go out walking or hiking with head phones on. You won’t be able to hear a rattle snakes warning.
Link for photos to help you Identify snakes of Arizona

Very often we will get phone calls from very excited people asking us to identify a snake over the phone. Below is a very helpful link showing colors and patterns of any snake you are likely to run across in Arizona.
snake Identification
Although I always recommend using caution when you are unsure because people smuggle all types of animals into our state and what you may find could be from somewhere else. As an example we have captured alligators on 2 separate occasions here in Tucson.

Do you have a rattlesnake in your backyard?

If you’ve got a venomous snake on your property, the last thing you want to do is attempt to remove it yourself! We’re licensed by Arizona Game and Fish.

Our snakes proofing steel mesh prevent snakes from getting into this backyard. Our method allows you to safely use your yard and still enjoy the beauty of the desert around us. Each job is uniquely laid out to use your existing enclosures and work with the landscape around you while keeping venomous reptiles out of your space.

We also offer property assessments if you think you might have a den, as well as humane trapping and relocation and sealing around holes, drains, and grates.


24-hour emergency service available!

Don’t hesitate to bring in the professionals at Animal Experts, Inc. – no matter what time of the day or night. You can expect an approximately 20-minute response time anywhere in the Tucson Valley. Call Animal Experts at 1 (520) 531-1020


Humane capture and relocation for wild animals

• Predatory animals such as bobcats and foxes
• Burrowing animals such as gophers and badgers
• Flying animals such as bats and birds
• Humane, licensed removal and relocation of protected species


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