Pack Rats:

When most people think of Rats think of the one from the sewers of New York City. The Packrats found in Southern Arizona are nothing like that. They live a very solitary life normally you will only find 1 per nest, even on the very large nest. In Southern Arizona they are the basis for the food chain with virtually all of the larger predators feeding on them given the opportunity. This includes bobcats, coyotes and birds of prey to name a few. This is one of the reasons we discourage the use of poisons to control a packrat infestation. That being said there is still no shortage of packrats. If you consider a female can give birth every 6-8 weeks and those females can start giving birth in 6-8 weeks it’s easy to see why.

At Animal Experts we have found that trapping and then nest removal is the best way to handle a packrat problem. We offer complete service on pack rats from the inspection to determine where they are accessing a property or the nest locations outdoors to the rodent removal and then the cleaning out and hauling away of the nest material. We will then disinfect the nest site to neutralize the residual fecal and urine which acts as a attractant for other rodents. We can also assess your landscaping to determine ways to make your property less attractive to new rodents.

Packrats need to have shelter exists, that may be in a mitten they set up in your landscaping, under the hood of your car or the crawlspace of your home.

Packrats can do thousands of dollars worth of damage in a very short amount of time. It is common for us to receive calls for service after Their victims receive an invoice from their mechanic to rewire a vehicle or an electrician to repair the wiring in a home or A/C unit goes down. Electrical wires seem to be the favorite target for chewing to keep their teeth nice and sharp.