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At Animal Experts we pride ourselves on being the number one Squirrel removal and catcher company in Tucson. With a full-service background in Wildlife capture release, you can rest assured that the critters bothering you will be safely returned to the wild. We do things quite differently by comparison to exterminators no matter which animal we are removing.

With almost 30 years in the wildlife control business, we know what is needed to capture and relocate any type of squirrel safely and securely. At Animal Experts Inc., all of our animal removal procedures are minimally invasive and with a goal to never harm the animal in question.

Living you Tucson, you have no doubt seen ground squirrel holes and burrows and have seen ground squirrels running back and forth to different burrows. But these burrows and nests can be problematic, even damaging, to your property. This is where an expert is needed to safely remove these pesky animals before they create a bigger problem!

More About Squirrel Removal

In most cases where you have ground squirrels on your property, it can be tricky to remove these animals without using toxic chemicals or poisons to kill them. Rather than killing off these animals and potentially poisoning your property, let us handle their removal for you.


species of squirrels in the Sonoran Desert


depth of a Round-tailed Squirrel’s burrow in feet


lifespan for Rock Squirrels in years

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Squirrel Catcher and Removal Experts

Controlling and removing squirrels is more than just a job; it is what we love doing, and it is what we do best. We pride ourselves in sharing that love with the Tucson community by educating people about the incredible animals living right in their own backyards.

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