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Being a full services Tucson wildlife and pigeon catcher and removal company, we are proud of the fact that we capture and re-release pigeons through the Tucson area in a humane way. A standard pest control business might do anything to get rid of pigeons, possibly even killing them. Here at Animal Experts, we do things differently.

With over 30 years in wildlife and pigeon capture and re-release, Animal Experts are qualified to handle any capture and relocation of pigeons safely and securely. All of our animal removal procedures are minimally invasive with a goal to never harm the animal in question.

Living in Tucson, we all value shade. Even when parking our own cars, we want to find a nice shady spot beneath a tree. What we don’t value is coming back to our car with pigeon feces all over the outside of the car! Give the Animal Experts a call to safely remove these pesky pigeon pests.

More About Pigeons

Even though these birds are thought of as being a nuisance or a pest, pigeons have their own rich history that not many people know about. Frequently used in wars, pigeons were capable of carrying transmissions to friendly bases which had no radio signal. They even carried messages across enemy lines delivering intelligence.

Aside from their historical significance, pigeons are also used as racers. There has been research to indicate they are actually one of the only non-mammals to pass the “mirror test” (a test to measure intelligence).


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Pigeon Removal and Containment Experts

Pigeon removal and control are more than just jobs to us; they are what we love doing and what we do best at. We are proud that we share this love in the Tucson community by educating people about the incredible animals living right in their own backyards.

At Animal Experts Inc, we provide pigeon and bird proofing services to keep these creatures from returning to or around your home area. With an effective pigeon proofing strategy, we can safely keep birds outside of your yard and away from your house for years to come.

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