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As their name suggests, pack rats will collect just about anything they find if they feel that it would make a suitable addition to their nest. However, the problems arise when pack rat nests happen to be inside one of the walls of your house. This is where having a pack rat removal expert or control specialist come into the house becomes a necessity.

Animal Experts is a Tucson wildlife and pack rat removal company, providing exceptional services since 1991. We pride ourselves on the humane capture and re-release of animals throughout the greater Tucson area.

More About Pack Rat Removal and Control

Hiring an expert for Pack Rat Removal is only the first step. If secondary measures aren’t taken, a re-infestation can take place. Animal Experts also provides pack rat proofing services, which are designed to keep pack rats from returning to or around your home area. With an effective strategy, Animal Experts can prevent re-infestation, and ensure that your house is protected for years to come.


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About Pack Rats

The desert pack rat, otherwise known as the desert wood rat, is a common household pest in the southwest region of the United States with a knack for collecting. Random pieces of garbage, shiny objects, paper, food, and even dog poop may be added to a nest that could stand up to 5 feet tall. When they find something they want, pack rats will sometimes even drop what they are carrying in exchange for the new item, making a trade of sorts. While quirky, pack rats can cause extensive damage to your property, sometimes making them a costly nuisance. Aside from chewing through electrical wiring, the desert wood rat can also destroy landscaping, ruin stores of food, nest in A/C units and parked vehicles, and some even carry diseases.

Animal Experts, Inc. is the #1 Company for Wildlife Control in Tucson

Animal Experts Inc. was established in 1991 by Marc Hammond and Jeff Carver. They have been working with wildlife and domestic animals for over 35 years. Our company offers a unique service that humanely captures and removes wildlife. This includes animals such as snakes, rodents, bats, squirrels, pigeons, skunks, and more. We also offer snake prevention services that ensure that unwanted wildlife does not enter into your residence or property.

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