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At Animal Experts we are proud of the fact on being the number one raccoon catcher and removal service in Tucson. Having a full-service background in wildlife capture and release, you can rest assured that any critters bothering you will be safely returned to the wild. We do things quite differently compared to exterminators, no matter which animal we are removing.

With almost 30 years in the wildlife control business, we know what it takes to capture and relocate raccoons safely and securely. Property assessments reveal exactly how the raccoon gained access to the property. This allows us to employ the necessary methods to ensure your property remains free of these animals. At Animal Experts Inc, all of our raccoon capture and re-release procedures are minimally evasive and aim to never hurt the animal in question.

Possibly one of the most common suburban animal intruder, the raccoon is no stranger to breaking and entering. With incredibly dexterous paws, they can open doors, jars, lids – just about anything in the search of food. While they can be cute and curious to an observer, raccoons should only be handled by trained wildlife professionals.

More About Raccoons

Nocturnal and omnivorous, raccoons are highly intelligent creatures. So intelligent in fact, they communicate with each other using over 200 different sounds! While you may stumble upon a group of them rummaging through your garbage cans outside in search of literally anything to eat, raccoons are mostly solitary creatures, although they will stay in loose-knit groups to help keep predators at bay. A surprisingly common place to find a raccoon (besides in your garbage can) is in your chimney. Chimneys provide excellent places for mother raccoons to give birth as they are enclosed and off of the ground. This ensures predators won’t be able to get to the babies once they’re born.


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Raccoon Removal Experts

Raccon removal and control is more than just a job to us. It’s what we do best, and what we love to do. We pride ourselves in sharing that love with the Tucson community. We do this by educating people about the incredible animals living right in their own backyards.

At Animal Experts Inc., we provide raccoon proofing services to keep these creatures from returning to or around your home. With an effecting raccoon proofing strategy, we can safely keep raccoons outside of your yard and away from your house for years to come.

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