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At Animal Experts we are proud of the fact that we are the number one badger removal and catcher in Tucson. Having a full-service background in Tucson wildlife capture and release, you can rest assured that any critters bothering you will be safely returned to the wild. We do things quite differently compared to a standard exterminating company, and we are proud of it!

With over 30 years in the wildlife control business, we know what it takes to capture and relocate badgers safely and securely. Property assessments reveal exactly how a badger gained access to the property. This allows us to employ the necessary methods to ensure your property remains free of these animals. At Animal Experts Inc., all of our badger capture and re-release procedures are minimally invasive and aim to never hurt the animal in question.

More About Badgers

A creature many people may not know lives in the southwestern United States is the badger. These highly aggressive master burrowers can wreak havoc on a home’s infrastructure, not to mention give any potential predator a run for its money if stumbled upon.

Using their long claws, badgers are incredible burrowers and tunnelers. In fact, this is how badgers typically hunt for food. These animals are highly aggressive and have few natural predators for good reasons. They travel through the underbrush like little tanks and they have the temperament to match.


average weight of an adult badger in lbs.

1 1/2

average length of a badger’s claws in inches


number of badger kits cared for by the mother

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Badger Removal and Control Experts

Badger removal and control are more than just jobs for us; it’s what we do best and it’s what we love to do. We are proud of sharing that love with the Tucson community by educating people about the incredible animals living right in their own backyards!

At Animal Experts Inc., we provide badger proofing services to keep these creatures from returning to your home. With an effective badger proofing strategy, we can safely keep badgers outside of your yard and away from your house for years to come.

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