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Being a full-service Tucson wildlife and Gila monster capture and removal company, Animal Experts pride ourselves on the humane capture and re-release of these creatures throughout the Tucson area. A standard pest control company’s methods for removing a Gila monster might harm or even kill the animal. Animal Experts are proud to do things differently!

Over 30 years of experience in the wildlife control business gives us the knowledge to do what it takes to capture and relocate these rare and often elusive reptiles back to their natural habitat. Property assessments reveal how the Gila monsters gained access to your property. This allows us to employ the necessary methods to ensure that your property remains monster-free. At Animal Experts Inc., all of our Gila monster removal procedures are minimally invasive and aim to never hurt the animal in question, even if it has hurt you.

More About Gila Monsters

One of the more elusive yet most interesting creatures in the American Southwest is the Gila monster. While not fatally dangerous or fast-moving, the Gila monster can still deliver a very painful, burning, venomous bite. You obviously wouldn’t want to find one of these in your house, and it would take a professional to safely remove it.

Black scales and yellow or pink bands give this lizard a distinct look. The Gila monster is one of the only two venomous species of the lizards on Earth. These rare reptiles can commonly be found up in the foothills among the saguaros and in the many washes around Tucson. While a Gila monster will usually dig its own burrow, it will sometimes use a burrow left behind by other animals. Carnivorous by nature, these predatory lizards will search for newborn rabbits, hares, and rodents to eat. They will also eat birds, other lizards, and eggs.

While not particularly aggressive, handling a Gila monster is never recommended. Their venom is thought to be used for defensive purposes and is described as incredibly painful, give you an intense burning sensation as it travels through your body.

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Gila Monster Removal and Capture Experts

To us, the capture and removal of Gila monsters is more than just a job. It is what we are the best at, and what we love doing. We are proud to share that love with the Tucson community by educating people about the incredible animals living right in their own backyards!

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