Animal Experts

Animal Experts

Tucson’s #1 Wildlife Control Company

Animal Experts Inc. was established in 1991 by Marc Hammond and Jeff Carver. They have been working with wildlife and domestic animals for over 40 years. Their company offers a unique service that humanely captures and removes wildlife. This includes mice, bats, rats, squirrels, pigeons, javelina, raccoons, skunks, bobcats, and much more.

In addition to wildlife, they offer preventative maintenance services and education that prevents unwanted wildlife from entering your home and establishing residence on your property. Their passion is doing wildlife presentations on wildlife safety prevention and wildlife conservation. They believe that education is the key to creating a balance in our ecosystem in order for humans to live with wildlife. They practice what they preach by posting weekly videos on social media about the animals they’ve captured, their relevance to the ecosystem, and fun facts about the animal.

Marc and Jeff had the opportunity to educate millions of viewers by being featured on 9 episodes of National Geographic’s “Animal Extractors”. Several years later they were featured on 8 episodes of Nat Geo Wild’s “When Nature Calls”. They’ve been featured on three separate wildlife documentaries on wolves, badgers, and “how roadrunners eat rattlesnakes”. There is nothing they love more than being on all four local news stations. They love sharing exciting animal stories and giving advice to the community they love and adore.

Marc from Animal Experts

Marc from Animal Experts

Marc and Jeff were featured on National Geographic’s series “Animal Extractors”. They have also been featured on CBS, NBC, and ABC news affiliates. Tucson News Channel 4 (KVOA) regularly features the Animal Experts on “Early Show”.

Jeff from Animal Experts

Jeff from Animal Experts

“I have lived all over the world. While traveling, my father would stop at every historical marker and attraction along the way. He would teach us to be curious about the world around us. My parents encouraged their children to explore and learn all they could about what interested them. My interests went towards animals, as I would bring home snakes, frogs, and tarantulas. I would tell my mother “they followed me home!” I’m married now to a wonderful woman named Roni who shares my love for animals and encourages me in all that I do. Roni no longer jumps when a container growls, hisses, or rattles as she walks past. She has even gotten used to those long days and midnight phone calls that send me off to capture the beast and play the part of the hero to a family in distress.

I truly believe that I am exactly where God wants me to be in life. No where else could I do what I love all year round than in Southern Arizona. This was evident while filming for the shows “Animal Extractors”, “Wild Animal Removal”, and more recently “When Nature Calls”, all featured on Nat Geo Wild. Southern Arizona has such a diverse variety of wildlife and it has adapted very well to the human population that has moved into their habitat. At Animal Experts Inc. we love being able to resolve the conflicts that inevitably occur when humans and animals occupy the same wild and rugged environment.”


Animal Experts, Inc.

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