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Animal Experts is a Tucson wildlife and rodent removal company, providing exceptional services since 1991. We are proud of the humane capture and re-release of animals throughout the greater Tucson area.

While pack rats may be the most notorious rodent pest you know of, that does not make them the only one. Roof rats, house mice, and kangaroo rats add the numbers of species of rodents living in the Southwest.

More About Rodent Removal and Control

Hiring an expert for rodent removal is only the first step to solving your rodent problem. If secondary measures are not taken, a re-infestation can occur. Animal Experts also provides rodent proofing services, which are designed to keep all kinds of rodents from returning to or around your property. With an effective strategy, Animal Experts can prevent re-infestation, and ensure that your house and property are protected for years to come.

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About Rodents

As mentioned before, there are several species of rodents that call the Southwest their home in addition to the packrat. Below is a list of the most common species our rodent removal service targets:

  • Roof Rats – These rats are also known as the bubonic plague-carrying rats. They can be identified by their dark coloring and long, hairless tails.
  • House Mice – Smaller than rats, house mice can enter your house through tiny openings, infesting homes in greater numbers than rats. These mice are usually grey with off-white underbellies and can potentially contaminate the food in your house when foraging.
  • Kangaroo Rats – Kangaroo rats are indeed a fascinating creature living in the Southwest. These creatures have adapted to the harsh desert climate, not even needing to drink water! As their name suggests, they have strong, powerful back legs capable of jumping 9 feet in one jump to escape predators.

Animal Experts, Inc. is the #1 Company for rodent removal in Tucson

Animal Experts Inc. was established in 1991 by Marc Hammond and Jeff Carver. They have been working with wildlife and domestic animals for over 35 years. Our company offers a unique service that humanely captures and removes wildlife. This includes animals such as snakes, bats, squirrels, pigeons, skunks, and more! We’re also one of the most trusted companies for rodent removal in Tucson. We also offer snake prevention services that ensure that unwanted wildlife does not enter your residence or property.

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