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Bat Removal in Tucson

As a full services Tucson wildlife and bat catcher and removal company, we are proud of the fact that we capture and re-release these creatures throughout the Tucson area humanely. A standard pest control company might do anything in the removal of a bat, harming or even killing it. At Animal Experts, we do things very differently by comparison.

When most people see a bat, they see a flying rodent. But did you know that bats are one of the most adaptive species on Earth? Surviving over 50 million years, bats have evolved to inhabit every continent except Antarctica! Not to mention they help pollinate important agricultural crops that feed people around the world. So next time you find an uninvited bat handing around your living room, don’t panic. Call the Experts!

No bat is too big (or too small) for the Experts. These furry little mammals deserve the same care and respect as any of the Tucson wildlife, and we make sure to give that care and respect to them in their safe capture and relocation.

More About Bat Removal and Control

Regardless of how fascinating and crucial to the ecosystem bats are, you would be hard-pressed to find a person who would actually want to find one (or an entire family of them) roosting in their home. Rest assured, the days of flailing around the living room trying to catch a bat with your pool net are over. If you find you’re the unwilling host of  these flying, furry mammals, give us a call. We have been humanely capturing and relocating bats of all kinds for over 30 years.


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The Bat Removal and Control Experts

To us, the capture and removal of an unwanted bat is more than just a job. It is what we love doing, and it is what we are the best at. We share this love with the Tucson community by educating people about the incredible animals living right in their own backyards!

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