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Toad & Rattlesnake Avoidance Training for Dogs

We want to train your dog to avoid a costly and often fatal encounter with a rattlesnake. The risk of death or the high cost of treating a snake bite is a significant reason to schedule your dog for Rattlesnake Avoidance Training.

Our trainers will also train your dog to avoid Sonoran toads, which are commonly called Colorado River Toads. Many veterinarians believe that more dogs die from encounters with Sonoran Toads than Rattlesnakes.

Animal Experts is the largest provider of Toad and Rattlesnake Avoidance Classes in Southern Arizona. Our Snake Avoidance Classes are held on various weekdays and weekends from late February through November.

Location and Class Information

We provide scheduled appointment snake avoidance training classes at Veterinary hospitals, feed & tack stores, animal shelters, residential communities, mobile home/resort communities, and non-profit groups. Our classes are held in Tucson, Marana, Vail, Green Valley, Sonoita, Benson, Amado, Catalina, Casa Grande, and Sierra Vista.

We also provide Toad and Rattlesnake Avoidance Classes at your home. Please call us to inquire about fees.

Click here to view the session locations and telephone numbers to schedule an appointment.

How is the Training Performed?

Our trainer, Paul Blaushild, is the best in the West. He has over 50 years of dog training experience. The training will begin by having the trainer fit your dog with an electronic (shock) collar. The collar is used to simulate the pain a dog receives when they are bitten by a rattlesnake. Please note that the pain a dog receives when it licks the poisonous toxins from a Colorado River toad is also very painful.

Our trainer will teach your dogs to avoid rattlesnake and/or Colorado River toads through their natural senses of sight, sound, and smell. The process is repeated multiple times to ensure your dog will know the distinct sound of the snake’s rattle, their scent, and what they look like. The average time to complete the training course and class presentation is thirty minutes.

Dogs are instinctively curious to investigate Rattlesnakes and Colorado River toads. They view both of them as prey animals. Once your dog has completed the training, they will view both animals as a predator that can or will inflict pain upon them.

What Am I to Expect From My Dog After the Snake Avoidance Training Class?

Your dog’s sense of smell is the most significant of the three senses to be trained in class. If your dog doesn’t know the scent of a Rattlesnake, it may not know if there is one in your yard or hidden under a bush. A dog trained to know the scent of a rattlesnake will know immediately if there is one in your yard or possibly in your neighbor’s yard. Most dogs will alert their master while standing a safe distance away from the Rattlesnake.

At-Home Snake Avoidance Sessions

Green Valley Canine provides in-home rattlesnake avoidance training in Green Valley and its surrounding area. Find out more by visiting their website,

Phone Number: 520-399-1132

Shock-Free Snake Avoidance Sessions

Building Bonds offers Shock-Free Snake Safety courses which teach skills that will allow you to quickly move your dog away from potential danger and keep them focused on you without using a shock collar. Find out more by visiting their website,

Frequently Asked Questions

Will a rattlesnake injure me or my dog during the training class?

No. Our rattlesnakes are muzzled with three thin strips of medical tape. The tape doesn’t inhibit the rattlesnakes from breathing normally. We believe it is inhumane to defang a rattlesnake. They need their venom to kill their prey and to digest their meal.

What is the recommended age for my dog to take the class?

5 months of age. All dog breeds mature at different levels. We recommend calling one of our trainers or your veterinarian if your dog is under 5 months of age.

Are there any long-term or short-term effects when a dog is shocked?

Most dogs will only be shocked once or twice during the class. We incorporate positive reinforcement training during our classes by telling the dog owner to praise their dog when the dog is avoiding the snake without being shocked. We’ve trained thousands of dogs and we’ve never had a client complain that their dog was adversely effected by the use of an electronic collar.

How often should I have my dog trained?

Most dogs will retain the effects of the initial training, however it is unknown if your dog falls into that category. We recommend a refresh class within 12 months.

What if the training doesn’t work?

Our trainers will retrain your dog at no cost until they believe your dog will safely avoid rattlesnakes and/or toads.

Why should we choose Animal Experts to train our dogs?

Over the past 30 years, our company has had the opportunity to educate millions of viewers by being featured on 9 episodes of National Geographic’s “Animal Extractors”. Several years later we were featured on 8 episodes of Nat Geo’s “When Nature Calls”. We’ve also been featured on three wildlife documentaries. Our Rattlesnake and Toad Avoidance Classes have televised locally on KVOA Channel 4, KGUN 9 News, KOID Channel 13, and Fox 11 News. We encourage our clients and customer to read our A+ BBB rating and our 5-star Google reviews.


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