Month: November 2018

Bats and Heights

Have I mentioned I’ve kind of got “a thing” about heights, well not so much heights as the falling from heights. Well sometimes we have to adapt and overcome when dealing with critters. This was all for a Little Brown Bat that got themselves stuck in the lobby of a downtown office building. #bats...

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Arizona Skunk Relocation

I think this adorable little spotted skunk wanted to come home with me even though I’m pretty sure the wife wouldn’t let me keep it. I must say I managed to find it a great new home.

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Badger Release in Tucson, Arizona

Marc and I found a great new home for our wayward Badger but he was just so comfortable in the trap he didn’t want to leave. I finally found he didn’t like it when I touched his belly with a reed. I think he’s ticklish. I guess we all have our weak spots. Arizona Animal Experts, Inc https://www.f...

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