Month: January 2019

Fox Found in Bad Situation

This beautiful Gray Fox got himself in a bad situation. He has a couple of wounds that hopefully aren’t super serious but on top of that wait till you hear what he managed to get into. With his injuries, we wanted to get him checked out so he’s on his way to TUCSON WILDLIFE CENTER. We’ll keep you...

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Home Invasion by a Javelina in Tucson, Arizona

Home invasion? Not really. The javelina in this video took advantage of a new home under construction. Javelinas have poor eyesight which may account for why he fell into septic well. They have an acute sense of smell which makes up for their poor vision. Javelinas and dogs are not a good mix. There...

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Raccoon Renovation in Arizona

A case of raccoon renovation. This raccoon tore off part of the house to get into the attic space. If you have never had a raccoon in your attic you have no idea the amount of noise they can make. But now this trash bandit is off to a safe new home. Posted by...

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Wildlife in Arizona – Bobcat

If you live in an area that is inhabited by mountain lions, coyotes, wolves, bobcats, and venomous snakes; please learn what you can do to keep your pets and/or livestock safe. Call us, check our website, or see our educational videos on Facebook to get tips on living safely with wildlife. If...

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Calls for Skunk Removal

Wow, the Wildlife in and around Tucson are already getting active! Here’s one of our calls for Skunk removal. Wow the Wildlife in and around Tucson are already getting active. We’ve had calls for skunk removal snake removal and for this really destructive little raccoon to be removed. This...

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