Home Invasion by a Javelina in Tucson, Arizona

Home invasion? Not really. The javelina in this video took advantage of a new home under construction. Javelinas have poor eyesight which may account for why he fell into septic well. They have an acute sense of smell which makes up for their poor vision.

Javelinas and dogs are not a good mix. There are far more javelina attacks on dogs than humans. Most human injuries occur while they are trying to protect their dog during an attack. Javelinas react to dogs the same way they do with coyotes. They perceive both canids as a serious threat to their young. If you see a herd of javelinas while taking your dog(s) for a walk; we advise you to turn around and walk away from the herd. Just remember that a dog barking is perceived as a threat to the herd.



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