Coopers Hawk Rescue in Tucson, Arizona

So I just broke this beautiful jailbird out of detention. This Coopers hawk had managed to sneak into an exercise yard at one of our local detention facilities and couldn’t find his way out on his own. This kind of call is something that Marc and I often get called in for, if you’re in the Tucson...

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Bats and Heights

Have I mentioned I’ve kind of got “a thing” about heights, well not so much heights as the falling from heights. Well sometimes we have to adapt and overcome when dealing with critters. This was all for a Little Brown Bat that got themselves stuck in the lobby of a downtown office building. #batsareawesome   Have...

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Bats in Tucson, Arizona

Do you like bats? Do you like tequila? If you like tequila but hate bats I would suggest that you make an attempt to tolerate bats because they are the primary pollinator for agave plants which is the main ingredient to distill tequila. And for you hard-core drinker’s; this also goes for Mescal, yuck!...

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Western Screech Owls in Tucson Arizona

Always be aware of your surroundings is my mantra for keeping you safe around wild animals but it applies in other aspects too. These 1-1/2 week old Western Screech owls ended up homeless because they went unnoticed. Always be aware of your surroundings is my mantra for keeping you safe around...

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