Bobcat Breaks into Woman’s Home in Picture Rocks

PICTURE ROCKS, Ariz. – A Picture Rocks woman got the shock of her life this past weekend after a feline intruder made its way into her home. Donna Zeidel said when she heard a loud noise inside her house, she originally thought someone was breaking in. She said she immediately retrieved her firearm...

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Bobcats in Tucson by Arizona Animal Experts

Bobcats on school campuses is not uncommon. Over the past 6 months my business partner, Jeff Carver has trapped multiple bobcats from different school districts throughout the valley. People in our profession (from different states) have told us that bobcats have been seen in Los Angeles, Dallas,...

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Wildlife in Arizona – Bobcat

If you live in an area that is inhabited by mountain lions, coyotes, wolves, bobcats, and venomous snakes; please learn what you can do to keep your pets and/or livestock safe. Call us, check our website, or see our educational videos on Facebook to get tips on living safely with wildlife. https:...

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