Cat Rescue

The beautiful cat in this video is named Alfred. Alfred was missing for several days until a neighbor noticed him high up on a palm tree. I was saddened to hear that Alfred’s owner is terminally ill. Alfred was safely rescued and is now home with no signs of dehydration. A relative mentioned to me that Alfred is the glue that has been holding the family together during this pressing time. Please keep this lady and her family in your prayers

It’s not uncommon for cats to get stuck in trees. Quite often cat owners are given advice by people with good intentions telling them that their cat will eventually come down on its own. Cats are not built like squirrels. Cats are excellent climbers going up a tree but not so good coming down. Domestic cats have curved retractable claws and powerful hind legs which makes them very agile climbing up but their front legs are weaker which makes it difficult to maneuver downward. Cats must climb down backward which is a concept most cats can’t grasp.

It’s not a natural inclination for a cat to turn around and back into the unknown. Traversing from limb to limb or jumping are other options for cats to get down.

Over the past 28 years, we’ve rescued hundreds of cats from trees, rooftops, and utility poles. Unfortunately, some of them have died from extreme heat exposure and/or dehydration because they were told that there are cat would’ve actually come down on their own. If you or someone you know find yourself in this situation; your first call should be your local fire department. If they don’t perform this service please call a wildlife control company or a tree service company.


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