Do Not Feed the Wildlife in Tucson!

Please remember, DO NOT FEED THE WILDLIFE. You are not doing wild animals any favors when you put out food for them. These raccoons ended up causing trouble at a local business after they got used to a free meal. Now we found them a new home in a great location but remember let’s keep wildlife wi...

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Part 2 of Injured Fox in Tucson, Arizona

As Paul Harvey used to say, “and now the rest of the story.” Remember the injured fox I picked up almost 3 weeks ago? The awesome crew at the Tucson Wildlife Center treated his wounds and now the fox is ready to return to the wild. Just watch how anxious he is to get on with life. This is truly a...

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Fox Found in Bad Situation

This beautiful Gray Fox got himself in a bad situation. He has a couple of wounds that hopefully aren’t super serious but on top of that wait till you hear what he managed to get into. With his injuries, we wanted to get him checked out so he’s on his way to TUCSON WILDLIFE CENTER. We’ll keep you...

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